Hidden away at The White Cliffs is a quiet, warm and peaceful space.

Just a little breathing room, LIGHT SPACE is a place where our practitioners host sessions to offer an opportunity for enhanced wellness.


Mary offers an array of treatments, has over 20 years experience and delivers a truly unique experience …

“Mary is a warm, gentle loving soul, who always makes me feel welcome and special. She is definitely one of the best therapists I know and an extraordinary sound therapist, for sure; sound being her forte.

Her skills, knowledge, intuition, and training combine to give an amazing experience which I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of numerous times.

I have yet to experience a full sound bath run by Mary, but from my experience so far on a one to one sound healing with her, that is most assuredly on my list of ‘Mary’ therapies that I wish to try!!

She has told me that many of her treatments are channeled and therefore are unique to her, which is why her sessions are incomparable to any other treatment you will receive elsewhere….what more could you want?”

After many years practicing as a massage therapist Mary has become attuned to the delicate
nuances of emotion and their effect on the physical body. The energy that is abundant in all of
us is often misaligned and that can manifest itself as physical ailments. It is this energy that Mary
‘feels’ and then treats.

BOOK – please call or text Mary on 07857 356497



Mary exudes calm and an air of peacefulness abounds when she enters the room and she
brings this into her treatments. The warmth and charm that come with being a caring mother rise
to the surface and one instantly feels at ease in her presence.

Of her many attributes it is her connection to the place and moment and her ability to ‘read’ your
body that set her apart alongside her decades of experience as a Reiki Master and teacher in
the Usui System and her work with advanced psychic development.


BOOK – please call or text Mary on 07857 356497





BOOK – please call or text Mary on 07857 356497




Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation Open Group Sessions with Mary Bonas

Quiet the mind and feel your expansiveness during this relaxing meditation. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, calm and clear. Expect to lay down on a warm blanket to just listen and receive. Wear warm comfortable clothing and no physical activity is required.

The sessions lasts around 90 minutes and embraces our ethos of breathing in the local environment and connecting with local practitioners to offer a unique experience in a warm, safe and friendly environment.

We provide a space to bathe in the energies and sounds of the crystal singing bowls, supporting you to release blocked thoughts, feelings and emotions to feel, clear, calm, inspired and light.

Expect to relax and calm your mind, laying on a warm blanket, listening to the awesome power of these beautiful instruments.

Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation Private or Group Sessions

COST – £80 per 90 minute session (up to 6 participants)

Sessions are held in a quiet, calm and warm space with a maximum of six people per session. Please wear warm, loose fitting clothes.

To book these sessions or for more info please call or text Mary on 07857 356497


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The White Cliffs nestles in the heart of the village of St Margarets at Cliffe near Dover, Kent, ideally situated only ninety minutes from the city of London & ten minutes from the port of Dover.

If you are looking for a place to stay with a difference in or near Dover then this could be what you have been looking for…

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