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The ‘ENOUGH’ Project


The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project born in 2019 to work with our community to help those members of our society in their darkest hours find hope.

The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project offers rehabilitation through social enterprise

We are forerunners when it comes to finding alternative roads to the labour market for those who are far from it.

We are developing one of the UK’s  most unique rehabilitation frameworks and welcome people coming through Social Services or the Criminal Justice System.

The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project is a social enterprise that offers drug rehabilitation and work based integration through social enterprise.

The goal of all activities within The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project is to combat exclusion and social isolation, no matter the reasons for the exclusion.

The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project is user run, which means that the power and influence over its activities lies with the people who themselves have done their rehabilitation with The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project .

The idea of creating a social enterprise owned and run by former drug users started in 2019 when Primal Roots co-founders Carl Adams and Steve Denby joined David Brogan, Alex Corbett, Collette Windsor, John Orchard and Gavin Oakley of The White Cliffs Retreat on a visit to a social cooperative in Sweden. The creation of The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project was inspired by this Swedish example and is the product of the aspirations of a cohort of people who have sought an alternative road away from drug and alcohol dependency.


Real work

Work is the tool that is used in The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project  drug rehabilitation. The work creates, apart from work skills and a livelihood, a social context, a personal identity, an increased self-esteem, and possibilities for communication. That brings in its turn the feeling of being needed, which is the foundation for successful rehabilitation.

Quality consciousness

The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project always aims to offer services of high quality. But quality is also about quality in your relations to your family, quality in how you take care of your own body, and so forth.

Health and ecology

Long-term drug abuse results in physical damage. The awareness of this often comes when you are on your road away from drugs, which leads to your thinking about your own health. At The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project we start out from this point to then also start discussing your environment and the wider ecological context.


The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project has a mentor system. The mentor helps you to find your way in the new environment and uses his or her spare time to support those who are new. A year earlier the mentor was new at The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project  and somebody else gave them his or her spare time.

The pride of being independent

Independence gives freedom. All success belongs to us, and the reverse we take responsibility for. The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project  is a self-sufficient social enterprise where all surpluses are reinvested.

The benefit of the good example

The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project is user run, which means that those who work at The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project  on all levels have themselves done their rehabilitation at The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project . This means that The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project  is full of good examples. They are the proof that a better life is possible.

Work integrated drug rehabilitation

The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project offers one-year, work integrated, drug rehabilitation.

Work integrated means that the biggest part of rehabilitation takes place at The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project’s work sites, through real work. Through working in the social enterprise a lost self-esteem is regained, you train your communication skills, you create a new identity, and you are also part of a community.

The unique thing with The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project  is that you have the possibility to stay at The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project  after your rehabilitation and be part of running a social enterprise.

You can apply to The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project through THE FORWARD TRUST (via Social Services, or the Criminal Justice System).

Work integrated drug rehabilitation
User run social enterprise
Started in 2019
100 per cent of economic surplus is reinvested
A certified Community Interest Company
The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project plan’s to be a group of companies with daughter companies
The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project is run by the people who themselves have done their rehabilitation at The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project

About the rehabilitation

-Being part of a community
-Practicing communication skills
-The feeling of being needed
-Improved self-esteem
-Personal development


In the Spring of 2021 five people will move into The White Cliffs Retreat in the Dover District from here it will grow and have premises and activities at several locations locally then around the UK.

This facility will be The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project‘s first. The facility includes several buildings that will accommodate five project members and up to a further 20 paying guests staying at The White Cliffs Retreat.

At The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project  in Dover there is a warm community feeling where you can plan your spare time by yourself, but there are also some daily activities in the outdoors as well as traditional activities at Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Examples of work sites at The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project  are gardening and management of green areas, construction, carpentry, horse stables, working in the kitchen, or being part of running a retreat or bed and breakfast.

Work streams at The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project – Dover

-Building and property maintenance
-Servicing of cars
-Gardening and management of green areas
-Horse stable
-Bed & Breakfast, Bunkhouse, Hotel
-Cleaning services
-Building and property maintenance

Our Rules
Zero tolerance against:
-Alcohol and drugs
-Violence or threats of violence
-Harassments and discrimination

Our People

– Want to break with drug abuse/criminality.
-Want to live and work where we are our own staff.
-Want to live in a beautiful and drug free environment.
-Want to have work experience and possibilities for education and training during our rehabilitation.
-Want to have the possibility to get a driver’s license.
-Want to be part of developing our social enterprise.


What does a typical day look like for our people?

Sunrise – walk/swim/run/ride with Primal Roots

Communal Breakfast @ 7.30am

Work day starts @ 8.30am

Onsite Real Work includes catering, cleaning, maintenance, admin tasks, skills training.

Communal Coffee & Chat @ 10.30am

Communal Lunch @ 1pm

Work day ends @ 5pm

Communal Dinner @ 6pm

Sunset – walk/swim/run/ride/workout with Primal Roots


Life Support Included!

The idea is that during a stay at The PRIMAL ROOTS ‘ENOUGH’ Project our people do not need to have contact with paying authorities with regard to financial issues, and we can focus on our rehabilitation and our future.

In time alongside providing lodging, we hope to put systems in place to also supply pocket money, money for clothes, free health care, and emergency dental care.


The White Cliffs Retreat is to be the first pilot project for a much more ambitious long term one based at Fort Burgoyne near Dover.

Fort Burgoyne is a  well-preserved Victorian fort, built in 1860 to defend Dover from invasion, The fort was in military use until the early 2000s when it was handed over to The Land Trust Charity.

The Land Trust have commissioned a team to stabilise the historic structure and to develop the site for multiple uses.

We plan to work alongside The Land Trust and Forward Trust to develop a site suitable for development into accommodation, workshops, studios, living areas and other commercial uses. There is woodland to be managed, chalk grassland to be managed, stables and a parade ground suitable for outdoor events.

The fort sits in 100 acres of land and has 28 casemates that will accommodate our people who will live and work in a community setting.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION – Contact Gavin Oakley on 07841406070 or email

Registered Address: The White Cliffs, High Street, St. Margaret’s-at-Cliffe, Dover, Kent CT15 6AT

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