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The Clifferati - Members Only Area


You, my friend, are one of a very select band of brothers (and sisters) who by association with The Cliffe have gained membership to this most esteemed society of friends.

Arriving at this page you have entered the hallowed realm of The Clifferati's online presence.

Here you will gain access to knowledge that will enhance your life and bring joy and happiness to your world and those around you.

In order to take the next step to Clifferati enlightenment you now have a quest to complete...

There is the motto of The Clifferati.
There is the ancient landlord & custodian of the bar who utttered these immortal words.
There is a place of rest.
There you will find him.
There you will find the year of his birth.

Text this 4 digit number to 07841 406070 - The key to the next step to membership of The Clifferati  will be yours...

Good luck in your quest my friend.