There was a place....

The movement was founded in the 13th Century, in St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe as the Order of the Clifferati, with an initial membership of five.

The founder was one Nicholas de Legh, a hermit who is said to have kept a light burning in a cave in the cliffs at St. Margaret's Bay to warn mariners of the dreaded Goodwin Sands. Throughout the centuries the order would meet in secret, their raison d'être being the pursuit of enlightenment for the greater good of the community. The order was made up of freethinkers and trail blazers.

Many influential intellectuals and progressive thinkers may have counted themselves as members of The Clifferati including Noel Cowerd,  Ian Fleming, Lord Arthur Cecil, Lord Byron, Admiral Seymour, Marie Corelli, Max Beerbohm, George Arlisss, and Sir Peter Ustinov.

In the final few years of the last century The Clifferati became largely dormant, however there remained a handful of enlightened members who continued the good work of their predecessors.
The 21st Century has seen a rejuvenation of the movement. This new organisation has allowed the Clifferati to recruit members using the technological advances of the day.  This relatively apolitical and romanticising movement has claimed succession from organisations such as the outdated Knights Templar and other 'secret societies'.

Today The Clifferati are charged with upholding the values of the past and are bound through the swearing of a solemn oath, ensuring the values are kept and passed down to the next carefully selected generation.
From the day of its inception, this clandestine society has entrusted the honour to pass on the knowledge only to those that are deemed worthy.

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